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About the TCPL Experience

Read about experiences from previous team members. Get to know our current team members.

What does being a Triton Community Programming Leader mean to you?

“Being a TCPL has been an absolutely memorable and wonderful experience for me and definitely has a very special and warm place in my memories. It has allowed me to not only get involved directly with an extracurricular that prepares some of the campus events and activities but it has also allowed me to practice my customer service as well as leadership skills. As a TCPL you are a representation of UCSD so being a TCPL also means that you demonstrate not only academic strength, but also warmth, hospitality, helpfulness as well as leadership.” – KC, 2016-2017

“ It means working with people who are just as passionate about UCSD as I am, and learning to rely on others. It means so much to me that I'm able to impart some of the knowledge that I've gotten throughout my four years, and yet still learn so much” – Jacqualine, 2014-2015

“[This job] is one of the most rewarding positions you can earn on this campus. I did not just learn more about how prestigious and unique our campus is, but more importantly, the experience taught me a lot about myself. It is definitely a life-changing experience working with students and families from all over the world and having such a supportive and passionate staff makes it all worth it.” – Kyle, 2012-2015

Why should other students apply to be a Triton Community Programming Leader?

“It gives us a great opportunity to know about how to offer great customer service, how to work with people with different kinds of personality, and what resource we have on campus. If you are the kind who is willing to challenge yourself, apply to be a TCPL!” – Yolanda, 2014-2016 

"Even if you have no experience with customer service or the job isn't related to your major, [it] is still a wonderful and wicked rewarding experience! Also the perks are hard to beat. Cool people, free food, and Dr. Seuss hats — what could be better?" — Denali, 2012-2015

"[It] is a great experience that will make you learn things without even noticing. We all have a fun time together while working and putting on fantastic parent and family events. If you love UCSD, want to work with a wonderful group of staff and students, and can’t get enough churros, then [this job] is for you!" — Christina, 2012-2013 & 2014-2015