Meet the TCPL Staff

  • Charlyne Jiang

    Charlyne Jiang

    3rd Year
    College: Thurgood Marshall College
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UC San Diego students: Encourage your student to explore! There are so many things to do on campus, from the typical clubs tabling on Library Walk, to free food events, to yearly festivals and vendor fairs, pre-professional events, cultural gatherings, and more! The really obscure, but interesting ones are on posters hanging all around campus. Classes aren’t the only way to learn new things! While studying is extremely important, so is getting to know the campus and community. Ask your student to bring back some cool stories and photos of their favorite events!

    Favorite memory as a UC San Diego student: Attending a class that has reignited my passion for education and teaching, helped me discover the programs that support this field, and allowed me to meet the Professors that are dedicated to researching and bettering education for the future.

    Actually, it’s probably meeting all the dogs on campus.

  • Chloe Wohlenberg

    Chloe Wohlenberg

    2nd Year
    College: Warren College
    Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  College is a big change for many people and it can be difficult at first to figure everything out. For that reason, don’t be afraid to reach out for help on campus. There are plenty of resources on campus created to help students and their family navigate through college. They’re extremely useful and can make the adjustment of going into college so much easier. 

    Favorite part about the UC San Diego campus and why: I love the variety of student organizations that UCSD has to offer. I can always find an organization that caters to my interests, no matter how obscure. It gives a great sense of community and helped me make plenty of wonderful friends. I generally also love trying new things, so these organizations allow me to experience a great variety of activities.. 

  • Diane Gallardo

    Diane Gallardo

    3rd Year
    College: John Muir
    Hometown: Rialto, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UC San Diego students: No matter the distance or how little you’ll see each other throughout the year, know that parent and family support is the most important thing to us UCSD students. You’re appreciated and you’re students are doing this college thing to make the family proud. Constantly communicate with your kids, and accept the fact that they’re growing up so support their decisions and encourage them to become more responsible.

    How has your family been involved in your college journey at UC San Diego? Although my parents only come down to San Diego once a year (to help me move in) they always call me to check on how I’m doing and hear about all the projects I’m working on. They always wish me luck before any major test or interview and continue to stress the importance of earning my degree. They do their best to financially support me, and even though I have multiple jobs, they never fail to help me pay my bills which I truly appreciate.
  • Jenna Howell

    Jenna Howell

    3rd Year
    College: Eleanor Roosevelt College
    Hometown: Hemet, CA

    How has your family been involved in your college journey at UC San Diego? One of the biggest ways in which my family has changed my college journey is by allowing me to grow and learn how to be independent while at the same time providing me with unconditional support. I call my family every night and they are always willing to listen and be patient on those occasions when I need to vent and let off steam. My family offers me the best advice when I am feeling stressed by reminding me to take time for myself each and every day. I cannot imagine my college journey without the support of my family that has worked so hard to help me succeed.

    Favorite memory as a UC San Diego student: My favorite memory as a UCSD student was Spring Quarter 2018 when I decided to take a surf class. Surfing has always been a dream of mine and I was so excited when I found out that UCSD offered a surfing class! Surfing allowed me to take a much needed study break every week and a it was a great way to get out of the library and have some fun and meet new friends. Learning to surf not only offered me a fun way to get some exercise, but it also allowed me to find balance between academics and my personal life.
  • Kumudra Nyun

    Kumudra Nyun

    3rd Year
    College: Sixth
    Hometown: San Francisco, CA

    How has your family been involved in your college journey at UC San Diego?  My parents and my brother were very supportive of me throughout my college career. I have an elder brother who had the experience in college, so he gave me advice and tips on how to manage my studies. He shared his challenges he had in class, so I can prepare myself if I ever face any challenges similar to his. On the other hand, it was hard living away from my parents. But even though they are far from me, they are always a call away. They always have high hopes for me. They give me motivations to not give up when I am struggling and stressed with the workloads I have.

    Favorite part about the UC San Diego campus and why: I can be as curious as the curious George. I love exploring, experiencing adventures and visiting new places that can take away my breath. And UC San Diego is the best place for me to do what I love. The campus is so huge that there are many places and buildings for me to explore. In addition, I enjoy being at the top of the high buildings because watching the view from the top can be very peaceful, and UC San Diego has many buildings that I can go up to not only look at the view of the city, but also the view of the beach. UC San Diego campus is just beautiful and unique.
  • Miheer Modi

    Miheer Modi

    3rd Year
    College: Revelle
    Hometown: Singapore and Mumbai, India

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed since you began college? The initial adjustment to college was quite challenging as I had to adjust to a new country and its culture, new people as well as a different style of education.  Despite the distance, I feel I have become closer to my parents as I can somewhat understand the struggles they would have gone through when they moved out of India. The physical distance between my parents and I helped me become very independent and resourceful but at the same time, I started seeing them as friends and mentors. I feared going to college because I did not know how would I cope without their physical presence but regular communication made the transition much easier than anticipated.      


    Favorite part about the UC San Diego campus and why: I love hanging out at Ocean View Terrace/ Angela’s Study Space at Marshall College. I can get my preferred type of pizza and study late into the night as I am a night owl. My friends and I usually hang out at Angela’s due to the large open space and comfortable seats which allow for uninterrupted study and sometimes impromptu power naps. Angela’s is a great place to study; especially finals week.     

  • Emily Frink

    Emily Frink

    3rd Year
    College: Warren College
    Hometown: La Crescenta, CA 

    Advice for parents & family members of UC San Diego students:  One piece of advice that I have for parents & family members of UCSD students is to encourage your student to get involved on campus. Coming into college was a big adjustment for me, and one of the things that helped me was doing things that allowed me to become more comfortable with UCSD and helped me make UCSD my own. As your student comes to campus a lot of them are going to be trying to “find their place” at the school. And the best way to do that and make UCSD your own is to join different organizations and find the thing that your passionate about. 

    Favorite part about UC San DIego campus and why: My favorite part about UC San Diego Campus is Geisel Library. When I first started at UCSD I hardly ever studied at Geisel and told myself I never would be that “UCSD student.” However, I eventually started to actually explore the library and all the different floors. And 1st floor of Geisel became  my favorite place on campus as it not only provided a conducive environment to study but also allowed me to feel more at home
  • Miranda Go

    Miranda Go

    3rd Year
    College: Warren
    Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  Constantly keep in touch with the new events that occur in your student’s life, while allowing them to experience independence and discover their true passions and values in life! Support your student in any circumstance and remind them that you’ll always be there for them. Also, encourage them to join any organizations that are interesting to them! 

    Favorite memory as a UC San Diego student: 

    My favorite memory as a UCSD student is Construct-A-Pup! It’s a free Build-A-Bear and you get to create and dress up your own stuffed animal. The event is a nice way to just spend some time away from studying and relax as you make your own stuffed animal!.

  • Yang Lu

    Yang Lu

    3rd Year
    College: Thurgood Marshall College
    Hometown: Alhambra, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UC San Diego students:  Parents and families should rest assured knowing that UCSD students are in good hands. I believe that UCSD truly allows students to select their lifestyle of choice. Research and coursework are revered and intense; however, supportive faculty and abundant student resources enable every student to thrive in this environment. Greek life and parties are present on campus, but there is no pressure to commit oneself to them. Furthermore, the climate in San Diego is the best I’ve experienced. Parents and families should stay connected with students but also allow them the freedom to explore and experiment 
    Favorite memory at UC San Diego student: My experience as a part of the UCDC program in Spring 2018 is among my favorite memories. Traveling to Washington, DC was my first time on the East Coast and provided me with a comparison that made miss the cool, sunny weather in San Diego. On weekdays, I was able to experience the nine-to-five lifestyle as a part of my internship. On weekends, I became a tourist who took hundreds of pictures at the Cherry Blossom Festival and other historical locations.