Meet the TCPL Staff

  • April Tsuei

    April Tsuei

    College: Eleanor Roosevelt
    Hometown: Torrance, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college?  My relationship with my parents and family actually changed for the better since I began college. I’ve had contradictory views than my parents on a lot of subjects and the distance helped both parties to get some space and perspective on matters that drew us apart. We now appreciate and understand each other more and better. I have also realized how much of a difference they make in my life. There are a lot of little things that make me miss them and make me think about how much they do for me. That’s why I make sure to call every day— whether it be for a few minutes or not, I’d like to see their faces a bit and tell them I love them.

    Favorite place on campus : My favorite place on campus is The Loft. The Loft is such a relaxing place for me to relax and do work. It’s fantastic and diverse music is wonderful and so soothing! In addition, The Loft puts up a lot of fun events as well. Highly recommended!!


  • Areian Eghbali

    Areian Eghbali

    College: Revelle
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  There’s a law in Psychology called the Optimal Arousal, which basically means that best performance comes when the level of stress is not too high or too low, but somewhere in the middle. That is what parents need to understand as well. Don’t completely forget about your college student (and I’m sure you won’t) but also don’t get too involved with everything that they're doing. Give them the space they need to learn about themselves and grow from their experiences in college. 

    Favorite place on campus: RIMAC - I’m always there when I have some free time playing soccer, ping pong, or just working out. It’s the best way for me to destress and get focused again. 

  • Madeline Park

    Madeline Park

    College: John Muir
    Hometown: Redwood City, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college? I think my relationship with my family has definitely a different dynamic to it than it used to. My family gives me more space to grow as an individual but at the same time treats me with the same love and care that I had growing up. I definitely think this has helped me to become closer with them and view them not only as my family, but as friends and even mentors as well.

    Favorite place on campus: I really love ClubMed because it’s located in the prettiest part of campus (the Biomedical Center) and is more obscure. Oftentimes I go there to escape the business of campus life and just relax and study for a few hours while enjoying some of the best food on campus!
  • May Kyaw

    May Kyaw

    College: Warren
    Hometown: Fremont, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college?  As I learn to be more independent with every passing year in college, I also learn to be more appreciative of my parents. They are definitely my support system; from asking about how my meals have been like to how I am handling my classes, my parents have taught me that self-care is as important as earning that A grade in college! 

    Favorite place on campus: Sixth Floor of Geisel! It has a nice, quiet study space with a view that overlooks the UCSD campus!
  • Mingcan "Tom" Tang

    Mingcan "Tom" Tang

    College: Sixth College
    Hometown: Beijing, CA 

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  College is a very important stage of our development. As college students, we start to become mature and independent, and we tend to make our own decisions rather than following others. And for various reasons, we expect parents to know this, and we anticipate more supports from our parents and family than criticisms. Therefore, here is my advice: as part of the UCSD community, all of us are the brightest students in the world, and our life as a student here can be stressful, so please be supportive! 

    Favorite place on campus: Birch Aquarium! With a variety of marine life displays, Birch Aquarium presents a plethora of underwater wonders and instantly provokes curiosity. Occasionally, it also exhibits special artistic creations that depict science from novel angles. Despite its distance from the main campus, it’s a great place to relax and to learn!
  • Miranda Go

    Miranda Go

    College: Warren
    Hometown: South San Francisco, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  Constantly keep in touch with the new events that occur in your student’s life, while allowing them to experience independence and discover their true passions and values in life! Support your student in any circumstance and remind them that you’ll always be there for them. Also, encourage them to join any organizations that are interesting to them! 

    Favorite place on campus : My favorite place on campus would be the 2nd floor of Price Center! It’s a nice place to relax or get some homework done in between classes.
  • Rajpreet Gill

    Rajpreet Gill

    College: Eleanor Roosevelt
    Hometown: Lancaster, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed since you began college? Personally my relationship with my family has gotten stronger and made me more independent, mature and willing to step out of my comfort zone. I understand and appreciate all the sacrifices they have made and see how much trust they have in me to create my own identity. The transition to move away and be on my own was very challenging because one truly starts afresh and the support my family gives me means more than the world, it just motivates one and shows that there is always someone wishing for the best in you. 

     Favorite Place on Campus: Other than the hectic parts of campus such as geisel or library walk, I would say my favorite part of campus has to include anything with a view. Im able to find new spots where I am able to relax and reflect or even get work done with a peaceful mindset. The best part of the view is the chance to see all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets alongside our beautiful ocean.

  • Tamara Zubatiy

    Tamara Zubatiy

    College: Eleanor Roosevelt
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students: My advice for parents of UCSD students is to encourage independence, but also provide guidance when appropriate. Basically, try not to call your child all the time, but always pick up. Don’t try to tell them what they will major in, but be there to discuss pros and cons from their point of view. Mostly, just stay updated on cool events going on around campus and show your support and interest by suggesting or talking about different events going on! Support and communication! 

    Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is Muir Woods, the forest area next to Hopkins Parking Structure, because I love being able to take a quick walk between classes or meetings and breathing the super fresh air from the eucalyptus trees. I also like to run there, and hammock with friends.
  • Yang Lu

    Yang Lu

    College: Thurgood Marshall
    Hometown: Alhambra, CA and Shanghai, China

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  I believe that UCSD truly allows students to select their lifestyle of choice. Research and coursework are revered and intense; however, supportive faculty and abundant student resources enable every student to thrive in this environment. Greek life and parties are present on campus, but there is no pressure to commit oneself to them. Furthermore, the climate in San Diego is the best I’ve experienced, and I once thought nowhere could better than Los Angeles. These conditions are ripe with opportunities for students to succeed. Overall, this is the ideal circumstance for students to mature with independence, determining their own goals and values in life. 
    Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Gilman Transit Center. Located near the end of Library Walk, the station is situated at a junction of multiple bus routes that each lead to new experiences. For example, the 201 and 202 Superloop routes are responsible for my daily commute to Preuss School, where I volunteer as a tutor. Route 101 takes me to Oceanside for transfer to the Metrolink train that connects my two homes, San Diego and Los Angeles. Perhaps more importantly, Routes 30 and 150 are responsible for the numerous off-campus ventures with my friends. From the Westfield UTC Mall to Old Town San Diego, the buses carry us to unforgettable adventures that I can fondly appreciate in the years to come. The Gilman Transit Center is on-campus, but its access to off-campus locations is what makes this place my favorite; similarly, college is a valuable experience because of the various professional paths that it unlocks.