Meet the TCPL Staff

  • Areian Eghbali

    Areian Eghbali

    College: Revelle
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:  There’s a law in Psychology called the Optimal Arousal, which basically means that best performance comes when the level of stress is not too high or too low, but somewhere in the middle. That is what parents need to understand as well. Don’t completely forget about your college student (and I’m sure you won’t) but also don’t get too involved with everything that they're doing. Give them the space they need to learn about themselves and grow from their experiences in college. 

    Favorite place on campus: RIMAC - I’m always there when I have some free time playing soccer, ping pong, or just working out. It’s the best way for me to destress and get focused again. 

  • Barbara Ledesma

    Barbara Ledesma

    College: Thurgood Marshall
    Hometown: Calipatria, CA 

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:   Communicate honestly, so many times not being honest about what you are going through in college, not just in your day to day life but emotionally, can create a barrier with you and your family. It’s important to know that you are not alone and that your family will stand with you as you go through this. And parents, try to remember what you went through at this age, it’s hard to find who you are outside of your home, but it’s a journey we all go through. 

    Favorite place on campus : Patio on 4th floor of PC. It’s right in the middle of campus and by student services which is a beautiful building. I love going there in between classes, especially during lunch, when I get either TapEx spicy chicken snack or the gyro pita plate from Santorini Grill and have a nice quiet meal with a beautiful view of campus and all the students going through their days. It has shade, it has sun, it has a view, and it has wifi. It’s my favorite place to unwind, eat, and recharge.
  • Brandon Nguyen

    Brandon Nguyen

    College: Thurgood Marshall
    Hometown: San Jose, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college?  In my case, I’ve grown more independent but I’m still very close to my parents and my little sister. Even though I don’t call them as regularly as I should have due to my preoccupation with college studies, I stayed close to them when I returned home. I am sure that I will still remain this close as I grow older.

    Favorite place on campus : Library Walk. There’s usually something happening down there, such as special events, various shops, and promotion for student clubs and Greek life. When there isn’t anything happening, the location is conveniently in the middle of the major hangouts for students, including the main library, bookstore, and student center.

  • Grant Chen

    Grant Chen

    College: John Muir
    Hometown: Redwood City, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college? I would say my relationship with my family has been tighter than before. After coming to college, I realized I am not spending enough time with my family, and I miss having that. With most of my extended family living in Taiwan, I try to cherish the opportunities I have when I get to see them.

    Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is Price Center. This place offers a variety of food and drinks such as Starbucks, TapEx, and Burger King. It is a great place for friends to hangout and study.
  • KC Johan

    KC Johan

    College: Thurgood Marshall
    Hometown: Irvine, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:   My advice would be to trust your child/UCSD student(s). Trust them that they will make the right decisions for themselves and that though they may stumble along the way, they will eventually seek out the help if they really need it. If you as a parent or family member are worried about your child, know that our school is equipped with many resources and networks to help them. 99 percent of the time, he or she is never alone and that there will most likely be other students who are going through the same thing as well, whatever that may be. It is natural for parents/family to worry, especially in the beginning, but truth is, even if you worry, you won’t really be doing your child or student any special favors. They need to learn the ropes of being a student on campus themselves. Especially if they are just newly becoming independent from family, the best way to learn is to get hands on and actually do it, regardless of the mistakes that may be made along the way. 

    Favorite place on campus : As weird (or sad lol) as it is to say, my favorite place on campus is at Geisel Library. Aside from the fact that it looks like a cool spaceship, the library has continued to serve me as a nice hangout spot where I can relax a bit until my next class. Whether it is to do work whenever I go there alone, or to chill with some friends after class, there is something comforting about sitting at the tables of the first and second floors and hearing the chatter of the other students around you. I work best with background noise so the light conversations of other students help me be productive. Plus the library is pretty cozy so that’s why I enjoy being there so much
  • May Kyaw- TCPL Lead

    May Kyaw- TCPL Lead

    College: Warren
    Hometown: Fremont, CA

    How has your relationship with your parents or family changed when you began college?  As I learn to be more independent with every passing year in college, I also learn to be more appreciative of my parents. They are definitely my support system; from asking about how my meals have been like to how I am handling my classes, my parents have taught me that self-care is as important as earning that A grade in college! 

    Favorite place on campus : Sixth Floor of Geisel! It has a nice, quiet study space with a view that overlooks the UCSD campus!
  • Molly Gerdes- TCPL Lead

    Molly Gerdes- TCPL Lead

    College: Sixth
    Hometown: Torrance, CA

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students: Make sure to stay involved in your student’s life while simultaneously giving them space to grow on their own. The best thing you can do for your student is to support them no matter what and ensure that you are always there to brighten their day. 

    Favorite place on campus : It is difficult for me to choose just one favorite place, as UCSD has a variety of hidden spots. Whether you want to find a quiet place to study, people watch, or just get a good view of the beach, UCSD has it all.
  • Qiqi Dong

    Qiqi Dong

    College: John Muir
    Hometown: China

    Advice for parents & family members of UCSD students:   College could be exciting or stressful. An appropriate level of involvement of your UCSD students is necessary since students need some freedom to become individuals responsible for their own lives. Also, students need your best support because UCSD's quarter system could be tough and they need any help they can get. 
    Favorite place on campus : Peet's Coffee & Tea near Rady School of Business. It's a great place to relax, hang out with friends, and enjoy a fantastic ocean view and sunset!
  • Jessi Shultz

    Jessi Shultz

    College: Eleanor Roosevelt
    Hometown: Germany