Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program

A unique opportunity for parents and family members to get involved at UC San Diego.

Parent & Family ProgramsUndergraduate Admissions and UCSD Alumni partnered to create a new program to help with recruitment, yield, involvement, retention, and philanthropic support. The newly created program, Triton Parent & Family Ambassador, began in 2014 and is operated Parent & Family Programs Office.

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What is the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program?

The Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program is an opportunity for parents and family members of alumni and enrolled UC San Diego students to serve as ambassadors for UC San Diego by reaching out to parents and families of prospective and enrolled students, both locally and regionally. The parent ambassador helps to enhance the overall UC San Diego student experience by sharing their knowledge with parents and families.

Why the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program?

Research has shown that parental involvement is one of the best predictors for postsecondary educational aspirations and student success in college (McCarron & Inkelas, 2006). It is important that the university partners with parents from the very beginning of the college student experience - when students are applying for college - until they graduate and even beyond. Parents and families of enrolled students are ideal supporters to parents of prospective and new students to UC San Diego.  Similar programs have been developed across various university and college campuses and have been very successful.  With over 80% of our UC San Diego undergraduate students coming from outside of San Diego County, the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program remains a great opportunity for all parents and families to get involved — no matter your hometown or country!

Why should you get involved with the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program?

As a parent, you know your story (and your student's) better than anyone. People connect with and draw information from people's stories. Share it! As an ambasssdor, you will become increasingly knowledgeable about UC San Diego (i.e. campus resources, top stories, etc.). This knowledge will equip you to not only serve as a supporter to parents of prospective and enrolled students, but also equip you to better support your student.

What is the responsibility of a Triton Parent & Family Ambassador?

Ambassadors are supporters of the University of California, San Diego!  As a Triton Parent & Family Ambassador, you will enthusiastically:

  • Assist in building the UC San Diego Triton Family, locally and regionally;
  • Engage with parents of prospective students;
  • Connect with parents of enrolled students;
  • Serve as an informed agent of the university; and
  • Assist with supporting events

What is the level of commitment to be involved in the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program?

We know that our families are very busy, so the level of participation is as much or as little as you can do.  There are a variety of ways to help and opportunities exist on campus at UC San Diego, locally or regionally; ideally near you. Examples of activities include:

In addition, Triton Parent & Family Ambassadors set an example for all UC San Diego families. The university strives for Ambassadors to make a meaningful philanthropic gift to the Parents Fund, your student’s College, your student’s academic department, or an area on campus which interests you.  For more information, please visit Parent and Family Giving Parent and Family Giving.

How do I sign-up to be a Triton Parent & Family Ambassador?

You can sign up to be a Triton Parent & Family Ambassador by filling out the online form below and clicking submit.

Please note:

  • We will use your contact information (e-mail address, city, and state) to communicate with you about various ambassador opportunities.
  • We will only use your contact information for university purposes.
  • We will never share your contact information with outside UC San Diego parties.