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Finances/Money Matters

The student’s finances, billing and payments are handled by Financial Aid & Scholarships, Student Financial Solutions, and Cashier's Offices which are located in the Student Services Center building in the center of campus. This page informs you of how your student can authorize you to access their financial records, create a portal to pay the bill, payment plans and waive UC SHIP (the University’s student health insurance).

By FERPA law, your student’s educational records are kept confidential from all third parties, including parents. UC San Diego may not share certain types of information about your student without their prior consent. The student's consent to share their information must be provided through an authorization process.

From this page, learn about several resources to help you to answer questions about financial, billing and health insurance.

Specific questions about your student’s:

Obtain authorization from your student

In order to access your student’s bill and perform transactions on behalf of your student, your student must initiate the process to authorize any parent/family member to access their financial record.

Note: Once your student has achieved the steps in the online tutorial (above), you will receive an email to follow instructions to create a login to view your student’s billing portal. Do this within 14 days of receiving the email.

Create your personal login to receive your student's billing statement

After your student has authorized you as a payer:

  • You will receive an e-mail notice from ebill@ucsd.edu, with the subject line "UCSD E-Bill Authorization." Please follow directions to set up a username and password. The e-mail is only valid for 14 days.
  • Clear your browser's cookies or browser history before you can successfully log in using your new username and password through the  Authorized Bill Payer tool.

View and pay your student's billing statement

Make sure you have access to view and pay your student’s bill. Read the sections how to obtain authorization and how to create credentials to view the bill (see above).

  • View and pay the bill through the Authorized Bill Payer tool.
  • Learn about the different ways to pay your student's bill.
    • E-Check
    • Credit Cards
    • Western Union
    • Other payment options (i.e., cashier’s check)
    • Financial Aid and Scholarships Funds 
Student Financial Solutions | (858) 822-4727 | studentbusiness@ucsd.edu

Trouble shoot your login

Here are a few reasons and suggestions for addressing login issues to view your student’s bill.

  • You may not be able to access your student’s bill because:
    • You did not create your login credentials within the 14 days of receiving instructions from ebill@ucsd.edu
      • Ask your student to go back to the Online Tutorial to reset the authorization previously given to you.
      • Create your credentials immediately
    • Clear your browser or your cookies and wait a few minutes before logging in
    • Try using another browser (i.e. Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer)
    • Your student may have made changes to whom can view their records
      • Talk to your student about changes that they may have made
      • Authorizing a third party to view the student's bill is not required by the university

If none of the suggestions resolve the issue, contact Student Financial Solutions | (858) 822-4727 | studentbusiness@ucsd.edu

Dispute a billing statement

It is possible that your student’s bill may reflect unknown or unexplained charges. Charges on the bill can also reflect items from multiple offices on campus and/or late fees.

 Student Financial Solutions | (858) 822-4727 | studentbusiness@ucsd.edu

View the enrollment and registration calendar

The Enrollment and Registration calendar includes such things as availability of schedule of classes, billing statements, registration fee payment deadlines, registration holds and more. It also includes a date by which these things are available, due, or released which can affect late fees and issue of refunds. Knowing these important dates can help explain your student's billing statement.

Opt in to TRIP - a payment plan

Waive the student health insurance (UC SHIP & RAFT)

Note: UC San Diego automatically enrolls all registered students into the UC SHIP program. The UC SHIP must be waived every quarter. Read How to waive UC SHIP (below).

The UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) is a comprehensive health plan that provides a full range of medical services for your student. Health insurance is a mandatory condition for enrollment at all University of California campuses. UC San Diego automatically enrolls all registered students into the UC SHIP program.

If your student can demonstrate that they have a comparable medical insurance coverage, your student may be able to opt out of UC SHIP. There are strict guidelines and deadlines regarding this process and your student is not guaranteed to receive a waiver.

Reduced Access Fee for Tritons (RAFT) allows students who waive UC SHIP to visit Student Health Services (SHS) for many primary care needs without the worry of high costs. Students who waive UC SHIP and do not purchase RAFT must pay the full cost of all services at SHS.

Student Health Services | (858) 534-2124 | ship3@ucsd.edu 

Create/load the Triton Card - a prepaid spending account

Triton Cash allows students to pay for food, laundry, books, and other supplies using their UC San Diego ID card. The Triton Cash Card is accepted at more than 60 locations, on- and off-campus.

You or your student can use cash, check, credit or debit cards to deposit funds into the student's Triton Cash account. When the student presents the ID card to a vendor, the purchase amount is subtracted from the Triton Cash account.

  • Read about the benefits of using Triton Cash and how it works
  • Make a deposit to your student's existing Triton Cash account

Triton Card Office | (858) 534-7587 | tritoncardaccounts@ucsd.edu 

Learn about financial resources for parents

Retrieve the 1098T form - Tax credits for education expenses

UC San Diego must report student fee information to the IRS. The University of California has contracted with Tax Credit Reporting Service (TCRS) to electronically produce your student's Form 1098-T Tuition Statement.

The 1098-T form is not mailed; it is available online. Each student receives an e-mail notification from TCRS when their 1098-T is available at www.1098T.com.

Read about Education Tax Credits and Forms.

Tax Credit Reporting Service | (877) 467-3821