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Frequently Asked Questions International Parent & Family Orientation

Translate this page: The Google Translate tool serves to assist families; translation may not be 100% accurate.

Translate this page: The Google Translate tool serves to assist families; translation may not be 100% accurate.

  • Which Parent & Family Orientation programs do I attend?

    We recommend that you attend the International Parent & Family Orientation. There, the content will focus on the cultural transition from home to the U.S. This program is in September. You can also attend the Parent & Family Orientation hosted by your student’s college. There, you will learn information about college-specific information such as academic advising services, finding community at the college and living at the college. This time frame is tied to your student’s move into their on-campus residence hall.

  • Is my student required to attend both student orientation programs?

    Yes. Your student will be acquainted with the college culture through the New Student Orientation and they will get acquainted with the services international students receive through the New International Student Orientation.

  • My student is international and attended high school in the U.S. Should I go to the International Parent & Family Orientation Program?

    Because your student is of international status and will be required to attend the New International Student Orientation, we recommend that you attend the International Parent & Family Orientation. Though not required for parents and families, you will hear the same message your student will receive from the The International Students & Programs Office (ISPO), which will put you both on the same page.

  • As a family of an international student applying for a visa, do I need an invitation from the university to participate in programs?

    A family of an incoming international student can apply for a B-2 visitor visa by visiting the State Department webpage. Learn more here. A family member of a current international student can ask their student to make the request via the IPortal and follow the steps within the portal. Learn more here.

  • When do students living on campus move-in for the fall quarter? When do students living on campus move out for the summer?

    Each college host move-in for students living on campus. Typically, move-in is the third week of September for first-year students (usually tied to new student orientation) and the third Saturday of September for returning students. Move-out is 24 hours after the student’s last final exam or during Commencement. Please visit your student’s college and visit Housing Dining Services for information on move-in and move-out.

  • What is Homecoming and Family Weekend?

    Homecoming and Family Weekend celebrates all Tritons – faculty, staff, students, families, and alumni. It is an American campus celebration found at all, if not most universities. The weekend is filled with educational sessions, faculty lectures, sports, food, games, and more. Families use this opportunity to be with their student and visit the campus to see what is new. If you cannot attend Parent & Family Orientation Programs or you have not been on campus for some time, come to Homecoming and Family Weekend.

  • How do I stay connected with my student and/or the university from home?

    Make sure your student has included your email in their TritonLink. This way, you can receive electronic messages. Read up the quarterly Triton Family Connection e-Newsletter, order the Triton Transition Calendar for parents and families, join our social media groups, join the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program. Give us a call at (858) 534-7273 or email us at to learn other ways to connect with the Office of Parent & Family Programs.

  • How can I learn about updates on the immigration policy?

    The UC San Diego International Students (ISPO) & Programs Office and International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) recognize that recent changes in immigration policy may raise questions and concerns in our international community. UC San Diego’s commitment to supporting international students and scholars remains strong and steadfast. The Immigration Policy Updates page provides information and support resources for the UC San Diego community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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