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Schedule International Parent & Family Orientation

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In light of COVID-19, all events will be reimagined and offered in a virtual format only. We will continue to provide quality resource-filled events that inform you and support your student’s UC San Diego experience.

The International Parent & Family Orientation is a college transition program introducing families of new international undergraduate students to UC San Diego resources and services. Parents and families will:

  • Learn about academic, social, wellness, and cultural transitions that will influence their student’s experience.

  • List academic resources that support their student’s academic transition.

  • Learn strategies that contribute to the success of their student’s first year at UC San Diego.

  • Identify ways the office of Parent & Family Programs teams with campus offices to support their student’s UC San Diego experience.

Monday, September 21

Welcome! Working Together to Support You and Your Student

The International Student & Programs Office, Parent & Family Giving, and Parent & Family Programs work together to provide the best support to you and your student.

Supporting the Community Transition of International Students & Families

Learn how UC San Diego will support your student's campus adjustment, including health; lodging; and community, and how the university continues to respond to the virus.

Safeguarding Your Student's Records

Technology secures personal information, including your student's educational and financial records. But through technology, there is a rise in being scammed among college students. Learn why it is important your student keeps their educational records private and ways to avoid potential scams.

Tuesday, September 22

Your Student's Visa Status: What You Need to Know

Understand the rules and regulations your student needs to follow to maintain their immigration status while studying at UC San Diego.

Teaching Excellence: Opportunities to Teach and Learn

UC San Diego faculty will share teaching approaches centered on student learning and academic excellence.

Wednesday, September 23

Working as an International Student

Getting a job or internship is an important part of your student’s experience at UC San Diego. Learn what they need to do to acquire work experience.

Finding and Utilizing Academic Support Services

Get a tour of available services that support your student's academic experience.

Thursday, September 24

Prioritizing Your Student's Health and Safety

Learn how you can support your student's wellness during change and transition.

Triton Panel: On Being a UC San Diego International Student

UC San Diego students know best! Learn about their experience; transitioning from an in-person college experience to a virtual campus experience, and the resources they use to remain connected to the campus.

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