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Triton Family Web Series Parent & Family Programs

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Join us for our year-long Triton Family Web Series, where families can learn about timely topics that support students and families.

Acknowledging that students have different needs, the web series will be identified by track: (1) All; (2) Seniors; (3) Juniors; (4) Sophomores; (5) First-Generation: (students who are first to go to college).

Fall Quarter 2020

Finding and Riding Your Wave: Suggestions from Educators and Students to Connect to the University Track: All

More than ever, students must find ways to connect to the university. Hear from educators how they help students find their “wave” and how students ride their "wave" toward opportunities to connect with UC San Diego, peers, and educators.

What to do When You Don't Know What to do Track: Seniors

Graduate school or starting a career? Your student may be unsure of what to do as graduation approaches, especially during a pandemic. That's okay! Learn how to support your student in navigating a variety of different post-graduation paths and how to help them form a vision for themselves.

Managing Loneliness and Increasing Social Connection Track: All

Students are learning both on-campus and remotely from home or their apartment. During this time, many students may feel isolated from classmates, friends, faculty, and even family. Learn how you can support your student's emotional wellbeing.

Winter Quarter 2021

The "Major" Decision Track: Sophomores

There is no "right" way to choose a major. Some students begin their journey at UC San Diego with their desired major, while others are undeclared. Some students may choose to change their major after enrolling. Hear from a panel of students as they discuss their journey in making a "major" decision, including the experiences, family, and mentors who influenced them.

10 Questions Your Student Should Ask Their Academic Advisor Track: Sophomores

Academic advisors are central to your student's mapping and course tracking. They offer information which, at times, may be a lot for your student to process. A panel of academic advisors will offer the 10 most important questions your student can ask their academic advisor for a successful meeting.

First-Generation Family Table Talks Presents Academics: Expectation, Guilt, and Transition Track: First-generation

First-generation college students, those who are the first in their family to attend a 4-year university, may experience family expectations to major in a particular field of study, guilt of pursuing a degree when their parents could not, and an academic transition unlike students who are not first-generation. We'll talk to students who can shed light on ways to overcome these experiences. This web series is sponsored by Student Affairs | Student Retention and Success and Parent and Family Programs.

Internships, Experiential Learning, Graduate School, and Careers Inside & Outside the Major Track: All

It's not just about grades! Your student is encouraged to get hands-on experience in their area of interest. Experiential learning will help them gain skills for graduate school or their future career. A panel of professionals, students, and alumni will discuss how their experience exemplifies meaningful and intentional academic and career connections.

A Tale of "Two Worlds:" Navigating the Home Community and the University CommunityTrack: FIRST-GENERATION

First-generation college students sometimes experience imbalance when navigating the expectations of their home community and demands of the school community. Learn what we mean by students navigating "two worlds" simultaneously and ways families can support their student's transition to college.

Once a Triton, Always a Triton Track: Seniors

Being a Triton does not end with graduation. The UC San Diego Alumni Association provides a lifetime of connection and support for Triton graduates, including social connections, professional opportunities, and reunions for Tritons around the world. Find out how you and your soon-to-be alum can continue your connection to UC San Diego.

What's Next? Supporting Your Student's Journey After UC San Diego Track: Seniors

Graduating from UC San Diego is the beginning of a new chapter for students and their families. Join a panel of parents and families who will share how they supported their student as they began their post-graduation life, and how families adjusted to new parent-student dynamics.

Graduation is a Family Affair Track: Seniors

Your student may be the one who wears regalia on graduation day, but we know it takes a family to help the student reach this moment. Learn about each community center's graduation celebrations, like Black Graduation and Chicanx/Latinx Graduation, where students and their families are celebrated.

Summer Quarter 2021

Cheers! It's Your Student's Last Year: A Session for Families of Junior Students Track: Juniors


Your student's senior year is coming up! This short video covers all the need-to-knows about your student's final year, from important milestones to our year-long programming that supports your rising senior.

Why Mentors, Communities, and Campus Involvement Matter Track: All


Your student can't do college alone—and they don't have to. A panel of students will share how identifying mentors, being in a community, and getting involved on campus are just as important—maybe even more so—as getting the best grade in class.

To Work or Not to Work as a First-Generation College Student Track: First-generation


First-generation college students are more likely to work while in college and are more likely to need financial assistance to pay for college. Learn what first-generation college students have to say about money and college.

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