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Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program

Join the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program, a volunteer program geared to enhance your UC San Diego experience. If interested, Triton Parent & Family Ambassadors can also philanthropically get involved with the Parent Leadership Council.

Ask A Parent!

Sometimes, a parent just needs to talk to another parent to broaden their perspective. As such, prospective and new parents who wish to learn "the ropes" from a parent serving as an Ambassador for the Office of Parent & Family Programs, can request for such a contact. Our Ambassadors are "experts" of their own UC San Diego experience and are informed of their student's experience. This one-on-one connection may help to better understand the university and expand your knowledge of campus resources. Please regard this connection as a resource.

  • Fill out the form to tell us more about what you need.
  • Once we receive your request, we will contact an Ambassador that best matches your needs and to confirm their availability.
  • Please allow up to 48 hours to return your request. If you have questions, contact us at

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