Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Family Weekend? We have answers! Don't see it? Give us a call.

Homecoming and Family Weekend. What's the difference?

UC San Diego Homecoming is put on by three amazing departments whose goals are to make sure everyone feels a part of the campus celebration. There will be events for parents, students, alumni, athletes, faculty, and staff. Family Weekend, in its 11th year, creates a special weekend for parents and families of undergraduate students to spend time with their student. The Saturday Tailgate, Barbecue and Women's Volleyball match will bring parents, families, students, alumni and athletes together to celebrate the inaugural UC San Diego Homecoming.

I'm an alumni parent. How do I choose?

The good news is, you don't! Family Weekend has a healthy schedule of events for parents and families of undergraduate students. As a parent, you'll get to see how your student is adjusting to college.

Parents who are also alumni will have opportunities to relive their days of glory, interact with alumni, and part take in events for alumni. The schedule is flexible enough to show your family your best memories as a UC San Diego alumni, and take in some of the events for alumni. Saturday night's Tailgate and Women's Volleyball match is a great way, the biggest way, to be a parent and an alumni at the same time. 

As an alumni parent, where do I register my family?

Parents of undergraduate students and parents who graduated from UC San Diego with a current undergraduate student must register through Family Weekend. The Family Weekend schedule presents opportunities to learn about your student's college experience no matter the class year, and it presents flexibility to join some events for alumni parents. Parents who are also alumni will register for Family Weekend only. Do not register through UC San Diego Homecoming. We offer this suggestion because there are too many things happening and to help you manage these offerings. Once checked-in on the day of show, we will communicate opportunities for joining alumni events.

Do I have to register my student for Family Weekend?

Yes! If you want your student to attend activities with you during Family Weekend your student must be registered. We have planned these events for the entire family. This is a great time to (re)connect with your UC San Diego student. We encourage you to ask your student about any conflicting exams, papers, or other activities they may have before registering for Family Weekend.

My student does not want to attend Family Weekend. Can I still attend?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you experience the campus together! Please email and notify us that your student will not be attending. If your student changes their mind, you must update your registration to register your student.

My student has an exam or other obligations during Family Weekend. What do I do?

Exams have historically been administered during Family Weekend to accommodate several course sections under one disciplinary subject. Please consult with your student on whether or not to attend Family Weekend given this conflict and how the weekend can still be enjoyable for the entire family should you decide to register without your student. Review the schedule of events for more details. 

My parents cannot attend Family Weekend. Who else can attend?

Family is defined by you. Feel free to invite anyone you consider to be a part of your family.

When does registration open and close?

How much does Family Weekend cost and what does it include?

Families have different schedules and availability. For this reason, families will select between a Weekend Package and a Saturday Package. Visit the registration webpage for details on packages and fees. 

Registration fees are identified by Weekend Package, Saturday Package, and Participant Type.

  • Guest: Any non-UC San Diego student, family member/guest including adults and children ages 8 and older

  • Current UC San Diego Student

  • Children ages 7 & Under

For a complete schedule, please visit schedule of events.

What if I can't afford the Family Weekend registration fee for my family?

Fee Waivers are funds available on a first come, first served basis for families in financial need. Learn more about the Fee Waiver on the registration page. Note: The Fee Waiver application is closed.

Some sessions/events have reached capacity. What can I do?

We try our best to provide an excellent weekend. While Family Weekend provides a structured schedule, families tend to venture off to do other things regardless of their confirmed status. If you are interested in an event that has reached capacity, please drop-in on the day of the event about 20 - 30 minutes into the event. Our first priority is to honor those who registered. Then, we can assess the availability of space. A formal waitlist will not be kept. Rather, we will lean unto your interest.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Please be certain that you can attend Family Weekend prior to registering. Some students have midterms on a weekend which are always scheduled and listed in advance on their syllabus. Please consult with your student about their schedule to confirm if they will be able to join you on Family Weekend. Please also review the schedule of events before registering.

If your schedule has changed, you can cancel your registration. In the event that you do cancel, we are unable to process refunds for any reason.  

How do I add someone or update information on my existing registration?

At this time you cannot add another family member because the registration is closed. If there is a necessary update to make, please call us at (858) 534-7273 or email us at

Are there other accommodations that I have to make to prepare for Family Weekend?

Yes! If you’re traveling by plane, please make accommodations for a car rental. It may be best to rent a car close to or at the San Diego airport for easy access to the rental location and to have transportation to UC San Diego. Some families have found success with ridesharing and taxi services. 

We encourage making hotel reservations with Bartell Hotels. Also, become informed about directions to and parking regulations at UC San Diego.

What do I wear to Family Weekend?

There will be a lot of walking on campus. Please wear comfortable shoes, comfortable clothing, and bring a sweater if you typically get cold in air conditioned rooms.

I don't remember what I registered for. I can't find my confirmation.

Using the registration system, Aventri, we also plan to email your confirmation before you arrive for the weekend. 


I have an international credit card and I cannot complete the registration. What can I do?

Major credit cards are accepted. If your student has a bank account in the U.S., their bank card can be utilized to register the family and perform the transaction. Otherwise, please email us at or call us at (858) 534-7273.

How can I volunteer for Family Weekend?

Where do I park during Family Weekend?

Where do I check-in for Family Weekend?

Weekend Package families will check-in Friday October 19 at the Price Center Plaza beginning at 4 p.m. Your student can check-in the family. Saturday Package families will check-in Saturday October 20 at the Price Center Plaza beginning at 8:30 a.m. Visit the Family Weekend Schedule.

Where can I eat on-campus and off-campus?

Do I need my Family Weekend badge if I'm on campus before check-in begins?

No! The campus is open for you to explore. If you plan to go to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, you can bring your email confirmation or a paper copy of your registration.

Can I post photos of Family Weekend?

Yes! Post photos of your time on campus #TritonFW18. There are many places that serve as great photo ops - Triton Statue, Snake Path, Geisel Library, Fallen Star and so many more. Upload on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


For more information contact the Parents' Helpline at (858) 534-7273, or email

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