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  • Campus Resources:

    The resources at UC San Diego are provided in abundance. Here, is an non-exhaustive list of resources that assist the student’s involvement (i.e.,  athletics, recreation and resources for commuter students), on-campus experience (i.e., move-in and Triton Cash), wellness (i.e., counseling services and health center), identity community (i.e. Black Student Resource, Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual, Transgender Resource Center), mobility in and around campus (i.e., transportation and parking).

  • Campus Safety:

    UC San Diego takes measures to keep the campus safe. Campus Police Department is located on the UC San Diego campus, near Warren College. Resources are available to receive emergency notifications and other safety related information.

  • Academic Resources:

    Academic support for students are available both campus-wide and at their college. Your student should never feel like there is nowhere to go for academic help.

  • Rights & Privacy:

    FERPA refers to the protection of your student’s academic record. Your student also has rights to investigate their educational records as needed. Read more about FERPA and talk to us about how you can still support your student’s academic and social achievement despite the FERPA law.

  • Finances / Money Matters:

    Learn how your student can authorize their parent/family to view the tuition and bill and perform transactions on behalf of the student. Important billing dates, tax information and more are also available.

  • Local Resources:

    If you’re in the area or your student is looking for something to do in San Diego and La Jolla, this page will lead you to local resources, in addition to Bartell Hotels and after-hours hospitals and pharmacies.