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Millennials Student Life

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Millennials (born between 1981-1996) have also been called Generation Y, Net Generation, and Echo Boom. They have been described as civic-minded, self-reliant, high achievers and as having high self-esteem, and they are the most racially/ethnically diverse generation (Brooks, 2016; Manning, Everett, & Roberts, n.d.; Pew Research Center, 2010). Millennials, although this is under debate, have also been described as “digital natives” versus other generations whom have been described as "digital immigrants" (Helmer, 2015).  Today’s robust technology has made millennials much more social with technology than any other generations. Technology has also become the drive for students and families to remain connected while in college especially with the use of texting and social media forums. College students communicate with parents an average of 13.4 times a week and 40% of college students are in touch with home by phone, email, or text (NPR, September, 2012). As college students are urged to exercise independence, the ever-changing technology challenges universities to be innovative in keeping families informed while promoting student development into adulthood.

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