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Sophomore-Year Student Life

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Referred to as the “sophomore slump” or the “forgotten year,” sophomore students are likely to disengage with the university (Freedman, 1956). Second-year students may face challenges associated with self-authorship. Self-authorship allows individuals to manage interpersonal relationships and expectations through self-selected values, beliefs, interests, and understandings of the self in the world (Kegan, 1994). The second year of college can be a time where students learn more about themselves, test assumptions about the world, gain energy, and acquire the ability to make decisions for themselves (Schaller, 2018). Fifty-seven percent of second-year students rely on external sources in their decision-making process, and 43% struggle to find their own voice (Magolda, 2009). UC San Diego provides students with holistic experiences to reflect on their personal, academic, and professional development.

Resources or Tips for Your Student

  • Check out the Second Year Experience programs (2excel, 2Conenct).

  • Talk with an academic advisor, student success coach, and/or academic internship program to explore and declare a major. Take advantage of dine-with-a-professor program to learn about their life and professional journeys.

  • Find a mentor who can help explore a variety of career paths, campus involvement, and local and international experience.

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