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Frequently Asked Questions About Paying the Bill Parent & Family Programs

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Billing and Refunds

  • Who do I talk to about my student's bill?

    Student Financial Solutions helps you with questions regarding your student's bill. You can contact Student Financial Solutions by email or phone (858) 822-4727.

  • What is the schedule for paying the tuition?

    The university bills the student monthly, with quarterly tuition and registration fees due in September, December, and March. To view when tuition is due, visit the Billing Due Dates webpage. Students and families (as Authorized Payers) can also enroll in the installment plan TRIP to pay tuition. For students living on campus, families can elect to pay housing fees in full, quarterly, or monthly installments.

  • How do I make payments on behalf of my student?

    To perform transactions on your student's behalf, your student must initiate the process to authorize any parent/family member to access their financial record. View the Online Tutorial for your student to authorize a parent (includes instructions for Authorized Payers) (PDF). Students may authorize up to three payers to view and pay the university bill. Payments can be made online by electronic check (or E-check), credit card, or third-party vendor, with options for international payments, 529 college savings, and more. More information and instructions can be found within the Student Financial Solutions knowledge base PDF:

  • How do I manage technology issues such as login and error messages?

    You may not be able to access your student's bill, through Authorize a Payer, because:

    • You did not create your login credentials within the 14 days of receiving instructions from

    • Ask your student to go back to the Online Tutorial to reset the authorization previously given to you.

      • Create your credentials immediately.
      • Clear your browser or your cookies and wait a few minutes before logging in.
    • Try using another browser (i.e. Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer).

    • Your student may have made changes to who can view their records.

      • Talk to your student about changes that they may have made.
      • Authorizing a third party to view the student's bill is not required by the university.

    If none of the suggestions resolve the issue, contact Student Financial Solutions by email at or by phone (858) 822-4727. You can also read more about troubleshooting on the Authorized Payer Troubleshooting knowledge base article.

  • My student withdrew from school or has graduated from UC San Diego. Why are they being billed?

    Your student must officially withdraw through their college (Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren, ERC, Sixth, or Seventh) to cancel their financial obligation to UC San Diego. Without a withdrawal, your student is responsible for their fees. Some fees may be charged to your student's account near the end of their last quarter or even post-graduation. View more information on the withdrawal process.

  • How does the University handle refunds?

    Refunds are issued directly to the student named on the student account in question, regardless of who made the payment. Refunds can be provided for multiple ways and reasons:

    • Cash or Check Overpayment
    • Financial Aid
    • Credit Card Overpayment
    • Housing Credit
    • Stipends

    For more information regarding specific refunds processes and timeframes, please view the Student Financial Solutions refund policies and information webpage.

Loans and Scholarships

  • Where can I learn about the parent plus loan?

    UC San Diego uses the electronic Direct PLUS Loan Application through the

    Before you start the Parent Plus Loan Application, you will need:

    • An FSA ID and must be set up prior to logging in
    • Student Information
    • Borrower Personal Information
    • Employer's Information

    Eligibility is limited to biological or adoptive parents (with no adverse credit history) of a dependent student. If the Parent PLUS Loan is denied, contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

  • When is financial aid and scholarships usually disbursed?

    Financial aid money is disbursed at the beginning of each quarter. If your student's financial aid file is complete, and your student is enrolled in at least six course units for the quarter, then your student can expect their financial aid to be disbursed the first week of each quarter.

  • Who can I talk to about my or my student's financial situation?

    Financial Aid & Scholarships Office recommends the following methods of contact, in order of priority:

    1. Via Virtual Counseling Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. via Zoom at UCSD.ZOOM.US/MY/FASZOOM1.

    2. By emailing questions to Most questions receive responses within 3 to 4 business days.

    3. Telephone hours are limited to Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Staff availability over the phone is extremely limited and will result in long wait times.

  • What is the cost of attendance at UC San Diego?

    You can learn more about UC San Diego's estimated cost of attendance for undergraduate students. You can learn about estimated costs for graduate programs at UC San Diego.

Methods of Payments

  • How can I pay the bill, internationally?

    For international payers who have a U.S. bank account, utilize E-check (electronic check).

    For international payers who do not have a U.S. bank account or would not like to pay by E-check, Student Financial Solutions offers two different international payment options for students and their families.

  • Does UC San Diego offer a payment plan?

    Students and families (as Authorized Payers) can enroll in the installment plan TRIP. For students living on campus, families can elect to pay housing fees in full, quarterly, or monthly installments.

  • Where do I mail in tuition payment?

    The Cashier's Office accepts all forms of payments via mail, except cash. Mailed payments must be received by the Cashier's on or before the payment due date. The University will not honor postmarks as on time.

    Mail payments to:

    UC San Diego Central Cashier
    Student Services Center Suite 170
    7835 Trade Street
    San Diego, CA 92121
    MC 0009

    To avoid processing delays, ensure mailed payments are made payable to "UC Regents" and include the full student name and PID number (i.e., A000000000).

  • Does UC San Diego accept partial payment from multiple supporters?

    Your student can authorize up to 3 different authorized payers. Payments can be made in multiple forms and different amounts. For questions, contact Student Financial Solutions at or call (858) 822-4727.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    Payments can be made online in the following ways:

    • E-check
    • Credit card
    • Third party vendor

    For international payers, Student Financial Solutions offers two different international payment options for students and their families.

    Families can also utilize a 529 College savings account to pay fees.

    Payments can be made in person in the following ways:

    • Cash
    • Personal check
    • Money order
    • Cashier's check
    • Traveler's check
  • Are there banks on or near campus from which my student can open an account?

    There are banks on campus for the UC San Diego community and San Diego community. The following are located on campus:

UC Ship (School Insurance)

Housing (On-Campus and Off-Campus)

  • How does attending school part-time versus full-time affect my student's housing and financial aid?

    UC San Diego verifies your student's enrolled units each quarter before disbursing financial aid funds into your student's account. UC San Diego re-verifies your student's enrolled units at the end of each quarter's add period. For students who study part-time, their fees and tuition will be reduced. This also results in financial aid reduction, which may require your student to repay previously disbursed aid. Learn more, including grants that are eligible for reduction in aid based on your student's status.

  • How does my student cancel campus housing?

    Your student can cancel their housing contract prior to moving into their residential room or campus apartment. Your student can cancel their housing contract by logging into the Housing Portal and submitting a cancellation form. Please be sure to review the Cancellation Policy for incoming first-year and transfer students for cancellation fees. Learn more here:

    Once a student has checked-in/moved-in to their space, contract cancellation is no longer accepted. If a student has an extenuating circumstance necessitating a contract termination, they will need to login to the Housing Portal and submit a Housing Contract Termination Request form. Learn more here.

    Same day contract termination is not available.

    Finding another apartment off-campus is not considered an extenuating circumstance and we advise students NOT to sign leases off-campus while they still hold an on-campus housing contract.

    Contract termination requests must be approved before a student can move out of their space. Students will be financially responsible for their space until their contract termination request is approved AND they have completed the entire move-out process (which includes moving all of their belongings out of their space and turning in their keys). Learn more here.

    Students who withdraw from the University must still complete a Housing Contract Termination Request form and provide accompanying documentation. Learn more here.

    If your student is approved for early termination, Housing Dining & Hospitality (HDH) adjusts both your student's housing and dining so your student is only billed for the total number of days your student lived on campus. Learn more here.


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