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Fall 2024 New Family Checklist

Welcome to the Triton Family! We are so excited to welcome you and your student to UC San Diego. We know there’s a lot to navigate as your student embarks on their UC San Diego journey. Use this checklist to keep your family and your student on track as they begin this new chapter.


Important Note

Many of these checklist items are also available in the Enrollment Checklist in your student’s Applicant Portal at Your student’s Enrollment Checklist also includes much more detail about actions your student needs to take, so encourage your student to carefully review it. Note that only students can access the Applicant Portal.

This checklist may be updated periodically throughout the summer. We encourage you to check back here often!


Health Insurance and Housing

Academics and Advising

Get Connected

Important Documents and Deadlines

Complete the Enrollment Checklist

Keep an Eye out for Orientation Info

Get Set Up as an Authorized Payer

Start Thinking About Move-in

  • Pack essential items only for your initial arrival. After settling in your new space, purchase non-essential items online and ship them to campus through one of the Amazon Hub Lockers on campus for easy pick up. You can also plan to visit our campus Target store to conveniently shop on site or pick up an order once you’ve assessed your space on campus.

  • Coordinate with roommates regarding larger items like mini refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs. Consider waiting to purchase larger items until after move-in so you don’t have to travel with them. 

  • Pack in rolling suitcases and smaller boxes that are easy to carry. Elevators may be limited in your student’s residence, if there are elevators. Consider bringing a rolling cart or dolly to move bulky or heavy items. A limited number of carts may be available at your student’s college.

  • Mail services will begin after your student moves in. Students will receive mailbox keys or combinations once they have turned in their room inventory/move-in checklist to their Residence Life Office after moving in. Note that student room assignments are NOT student mailing addresses. Learn more about sending mail to your student. Keep in mind:

    • Letters, magazines, and small packages that fit will be delivered directly to your student’s mailbox.

    • Large packages and times that are sent via U.S. Mail (First, Second, or Third Class, Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Certified Mail), United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express, OnTrac, DHL Express, are delivered to Student Mail Services. Your student will receive a notice (via email) with instructions on when and where they can pick up your package.

  • Don’t plan to bring any additional furniture – space is limited!

  • Explore your student’s college website for more info about move in and residence halls. Many college websites have details about what to bring, room details and tours, and additional info.

Double Check Important Forms and Deadlines

Stay Connected

Contact Us

Parents' Helpline: (858) 534-7273