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Commuter Students Student Life

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The college life of a commuter student (living at home and/or walking distance from campus) is different from the college life of a resident student (a student living on campus). Commuter students have extra scheduling considerations around travel, resources, classes, and activities that contribute to feeling disconnected from the campus or feeling overlooked for their specific needs.  Commuter students who fill in their time in between class with meeting with professors and studying with peers, eating on campus, going to the gym, taking a nap at the Zone, or joining a student organization–to name a few–will form a connection to the campus and engage purposefully with UC San Diego community. Each of the colleges have a commuter student organization. Commuter students living at home with family will also have to learn the art of negotiating family responsibilities in order to get involved at and make the best of their college experience.

Resources or Tips for Your Student

  • Understand that college will be different from high school, and previous family responsibilities and/or expectations of your student will have to be negotiated.

  • Spend time on campus doing a variety of things (other than going to class) to connect with the campus.

  • Learn about the services available to commuter students on TritonLink, search Commuter Students.

  • Study abroad! It’s a great opportunity to leave home and explore academic and social interests in an international setting.

  • Work on-campus. Port Triton lists all available on-campus jobs.

  • Get involved as a parent/family member even though your student may be living close or with you. Reach out to the Office of Parent & Family Programs and join the Triton Parent & Family Ambassador Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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