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First-Year Students Student Life

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First-year, first-time college students undergo many transitions, one of which includes the transition from high school to college. For example, high school teachers are available daily to assist students. In college, professors are available during office hours or by appointment, and it is up to the student to initiate a meeting according to the professor’s availability. Developing a peer group can also feel crucial to incoming students, especially on a large campus. Stevenson (2012) brings insight in the W – Curve Explained with suggestions on how families can help during the transition to college.

Resources or Tips for Your Student

  • Get involved in the residence hall, if living on-campus; and utilize the House Advisor (HA) or Resident Assistant (RA) for support and guidance.

  • Talk with the Coordinator of Student Activities at the college and become a member of a student organization, befriend classmates, and form study groups; especially important for first-year commuter students.

  • Check out New Triton, an informative website made for students new to UC San Diego.

  • Get off-campus and get to know the cities of La Jolla and San Diego.

  • Go to a Triton game or participate in some great traditions (like the UnOlympics in the Fall).

  • Find an on-campus job via Port Triton to begin building on professional skills and meet other members of the campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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