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There is a misconception that transfer students will adjust to UC San Diego with little to no challenges because college is not as new to them as it is to a first-time first-year student. The truth is, transfer students will experience adjustments to UC San Diego because the campus is unique and different from other colleges, and drastically different from a community college. UC San Diego operates on a 10-week quarter system as opposed to a 15-week semester system. This means that the academic quarter moves very fast. It is likely students will have a midterm within three weeks of the quarter. Typically, transfer students are half way through the college career. For this reason, it is important to connect immediately with not only a transfer student organization but also with Career Services for internships, talk with professors about research opportunities, and visit Study Abroad to experience another country, among other interest specific to the transfer student.

Resources or Tips for Your Student

  • Learn about living on campus. There is housing for transfer students.
  • Visit your College Student Affairs department to connect with the transfer student organization and meet other transfer students undergoing a similar experience.

  • Connect with the campus’ transfer student organization, All Campus Transfer Association via the Center for Student Involvement and Triton Transfer Hub to meet transfer students from other colleges.

  • Run for a position within a student organization that appeals to you.

  • Check out the services for students with dependents (student-parents).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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