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Frequently Asked Questions Parent & Family Programs

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  • When do students living on campus move-in for the fall quarter? When do students living on campus move out for the summer?

    Each college host move-in for students living on campus. Typically, move-in is the third week of September for first-year students and the third Saturday of September for returning students. Move-out is 24 hours after the student's last final exam or during Commencement. Please visit your student's college and visit Housing Dining Services for information on move-in and move-out.

  • Is there anything else my student needs to do after they accept the offer of admissions to UC San Diego?

    Your student will follow instructions on the Triton Checklist. The Triton Checklist is only accessible to the student by entering the required credentials. The Triton Checklist advises your student on additional documents to turn in to the university (e.g., health records, official transcripts), sign up for new student orientation, view financial aid estimates and scholarship awards, get a campus card, and more. Support your student to regularly visit the Triton Checklist to make sure they stay on top of everything the university requires. Many items due to the university have a deadline.

  • How do I register for Parent and Family Orientation?

    Your student's college host orientation for parents and families to share resources that can ease the transition to college. Your student will be instructed to register first, after which you will receive an email to register for the program. Visit your student's college for information about dates, location, cost, and more.

  • Are there other orientation programs I or my student should know about?

    In addition to the college orientation programs for parents, families, and students, there is also an orientation for new international students and for the parents and families of new international students. It is required for new international students to attend the orientation. It is highly recommended families of new international students attend the family program.

  • When is Homecoming Weekend?

    Homecoming Weekend is in October and invites parents, families, and friends of undergraduate students, as well as alumni and athletes, to celebrate being a Triton. It is a great time to reconnect with your student and the campus through a variety of traditions, events, food, and sports. Visit the Homecoming Weekend page to learn more.

  • When is Siblings Day and is it open to other family members?

    Siblings Day, a one-day program for siblings ages 7-16 years of the UC San Diego student, is the last Saturday of January. Other family members – such as cousins – in that age group are welcomed to attend. Parents and guardians can also join, though the day is catered to the sibling and the student. Visit Siblings Day for more information.

  • Can I see my student's record?

    Your student can grant a parent or guardian access to view their tuition bill. Your student will follow steps listed on Accessing Your Student's Bill webpage to begin the process of authorizing a parent or family member to view the information.

    Students can verbally communicate with their parent or guardian class grades. UC San Diego does not have a process for the student to grant access to class schedule or grades.

    Contact the Student Health Services for information on release of medical records at (858) 534-3300 or visit the Medical Records page for more information.

  • When is tuition due?

    The university bills the student's account three times during the year which corresponds to the quarter system (fall, winter, and spring quarters). To view when tuition is due, visit the Billing Due Dates webpage.

  • How do I resolve login issues associated with viewing my student billing account?

    To troubleshoot login issues, visit Accessing Your Student's Bill.

  • How do I learn about my student’s tuition bill, loans and scholarships, and methods of payment?

    Visit the Frequently Asked Questions About Paying the Bill where you will learn about billing due dates, how to pay tuition from a variety of accounts (e.g., 529 college savings), how to make payments from outside the U.S., installment payment plan, when financial aid is dispersed, the school insurance waiving period, on- and off-campus information, obtaining past tax information, and more.

  • Is there an academic calendar that I can refer to?

    The university's academic calendar explains when class begins and ends, school breaks, and finals week. Visit the academic calendar for more information. If you would like more information, you can view the Triton Transitions Calendar.

  • When is Commencement and how do I prepare for it?

    Commencement is the second week of June, typically during Father's Day weekend. Visit for information about dates, location, speaker, college ceremonies, parking, and more.

  • As a family of an international student applying for a visa, do I need an invitation from the university to participate in programs?

    A family of an incoming international student can apply for a B-2 visitor visa by visiting the State Department webpage. Learn more here. A family member of a current international student can ask their student to make the request via the IPortal and follow the steps within the portal. Learn more here.

  • How do I sign up to receive emails from the university?

    Your student can add your email through TritonLink, the student's dashboard. Your student will enter their login and password, follow directions to edit their personal profile, which includes mailing address and phone number, and add your email. Note: Only the student has access to TritonLink.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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