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Mission Statement Parent & Family Programs

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Our Mission

We are committed to make UC San Diego accessible to families of undergraduate students because we recognize the important role families have on their student's education. We do this through the development and implementation of targeted services, resources, and programs.

Through our guiding principles, we are:


We provide diverse resources to meet the needs of families of undergraduate students to positively impact their time at UC San Diego.


We answer families’ questions, address their concerns, and turn their inquiries into resources to support their college student.


We understand the impact families have on their student’s success. We are committed to nurturing the relationship between families, students, and the university.


We care about families of undergraduate students and their UC San Diego experience, and we demonstrate this through good service and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parent and Family Top Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parents' Helpline: (858) 534-7273 |